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Claims Data with 340B ESP to Regain Discounts.

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Over the past several months, pharmaceutical manufacturers have enacted polices to restrict contract pharmacy pricing. If your covered entity is currently sharing claims data with 340B ESP to regain discounts, please review the following steps and guidance.

Things to consider

  • Contact Macro Helix to let us know that you are participating in data sharing with 340B ESP.
  • Manufacturers have indicated they may honor replenishment purchases based on a 45-day lookback (from date of dispense).
    • 340B packages accumulated more than 45 days ago may appear available for purchase in the accumulator, yet may not be honored by manufacturers due to the date of dispense.
  • Macro Helix has observed inconsistency in price restoration, which varies by manufacturer, product and even pharmacies.
  • Once ordering resumes, be aware of potential inventory swell at your contract pharmacy.
    • Auto order settings may have been established during Implementations and should be discussed with your contract pharmacy partners.
  • Review and discuss your Pharmacy Services Agreements (PSAs) with your contract pharmacy partners, as well as your legal and compliance teams.

Next steps

  • Macro Helix does not receive direct notification of price updates from either manufacturers or 340B ESP.
    • Once you observe 340B prices for the affected products in your Macro Helix Drug Catalog page, please notify Macro Helix Support.
  • Our team will work with you to resume ordering on the affected products based on recently qualified dispenses (45-day lookback).

Thank you for your partnership as we work to assist you in restoring 340B pricing.

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