Celebrating Our Women in Tech: Catherine Woodling

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To continue the momentum started during Women’s History month, we’re spotlighting a few women in tech at Macro Helix who empower us to be at the forefront of healthcare technology. Meet Catherine Woodling, a senior project manager who finds in Macro Helix a perfect place to combine her twin interests in technology and healthcare. In her role, Catherine focuses chiefly on launching new products and establishing critical-to-business process improvements.

Destined for STEM

From a young age, Catherine naturally gravitated to the sciences. “I was the young girl who enjoyed chemistry sets, solar system models, crystal and rock collections, Operation games, and microscopes,” she says. Ever since her first programming internship, Catherine was hooked on tech as not just a pastime but a vocation.

Finding a Career Home

After graduating from college with an applied mathematics major, Catherine’s first job in tech was as a computer programmer, where she spent the majority of her time fixing bugs. As she progressed through her career, she moved through positions in interface development and implementations, until she came to Macro Helix as a product manager in her first role.

At Macro Helix, Catherine was able to use her skills in technology in a way that made a difference. “I had the opportunity to apply my technology skills to a field that piqued my interest,” she says, “and that I knew had a long-term positive impact to hospitals and patients.”

No Longer a Unicorn

When Catherine first started in tech, there was no doubt that she was in a male-dominated field. As a young professional, she was used to being only one of two women on her team—yet thankfully, “there was always a more-seasoned woman to look up to.” These days, she’s noticed that times have changed for the better. “We are a fine example here at Macro Helix, as we have many high-caliber women planning, developing, and delivering complex solutions to our customers,” she says.

Advice for Young Techies

To young women starting in tech today, Catherine has some words of wisdom. “Continually grow yourself; don’t become complacent in your skills,” she says. “Come to the table with solutions, not just problems. Ask to be included on special or complex projects. And take ownership of your work, projects, and career; pride always [yields] results.”