340B ArchitectSM: 340B Program Management Software for Contract Pharmacy Networks

340B ArchitectSM: 340B Program Management Software for Contract Pharmacy Networks

Deliver care to discharged 340B program patients through a contract pharmacy network

If your hospital or health system is qualified to run a 340B program, you can dispense drugs at a reduced cost to disadvantaged patients who may not be able to afford typical prescription copays. Such a program can make a tremendous difference in the lives of patients with little or no health insurance.

As a 340B covered entity, you can continue to dispense discounted prescription drugs to discharged patients by setting up a contract pharmacy agreement with a retail pharmacy in their community. That enables you to provide convenient, uninterrupted care to your patients while you also benefit from sustained prescription reimbursements after they leave the hospital.

Our 340B Architect software enables your covered entity to implement, manage and expand a contract pharmacy network with qualified retail providers. Even better, our software comes with our high-touch customer relationship approach. So, you’re not just getting the smartest solution for your contract pharmacy network, but also a trusted team to help you navigate today’s increasingly complex 340B environment.

Key features

Dispense 340B drugs in your hospital and via a retail contract pharmacy with the same platform

Get 340B drug approvals quickly and accurately with automated NDC/CDM verification

Integrate with any pharmaceutical wholesaler to dispense 340B-eligible drugs

Set up perpetual inventory replenishment and split billing to optimize inventory management

Maintain 340B program compliance with our complete audit preparation and support service

Create standard and user-defined reports to demonstrate the impact of your 340B program

Let us help you get the most out of your 340B Architect solution

Our team of 340B professionals will facilitate oversight of your contract pharmacy network and serve as a liaison with retail pharmacy chains

Our 340B audit monitoring team will assist you with HRSA and manufacturer audits

Our 340B experts provide ongoing education, consultation and collaboration

Our 340B program software developers add ongoing enhancements to application functionality based on customer input

“340B Architect is integral to our success with contract pharmacy because it offers a sophisticated and real-time multi-part test on retail claims. Macro Helix is extremely responsive; we work through things together, and I’m thoroughly satisfied as a customer.”

Gary Kerr

Chief Pharmacy Officer, Baystate Health

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