Macro Helix’s 340B GatewaySM Provides Intelligent Solution for Retail Pharmacies

Macro Helix is helping some of the nation’s largest retail chains achieve the next level in pharmacy management with its new 340B GatewaySM solution. The sophisticated yet easy-to-use software solution is designed to help pharmacies maintain consistent and compliant 340B programs — transforming the way they are able to provide patient care.

“At Macro Helix, we understand the complexities of the 340B environment,” said Andrew Maurer, vice president and general manager, Macro Helix. “With our powerful 340B Gateway software solution and the ongoing support of our dedicated experts, we help retail pharmacies simplify their 340B program participation so that they can achieve their business goals.”

Using patent-pending technology, 340B Gateway can help pharmacies prevent inventory swell, product returns and disruptions in their workflow. In addition, 340B Gateway can help retail pharmacies increase cash flow and improve accounting processes by eliminating the need for unreplenished inventory reconciliation. Moreover, this fully automated solution allows pharmacies to create standard processes across affiliated pharmacies and covered entities.

As the pioneer of this ground-breaking technology, Macro Helix has submitted its 340B Gateway solution to the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office.

About Macro Helix

Founded in Atlanta, Georgia, in 2009, Macro Helix is a leading provider of innovative 340B management software focused on helping our customers improve financial performance, increase operating efficiencies and maintain regulatory compliance. We pride ourselves on our collaborative approach and focus on putting your 340B needs first. Because we focus on pharmacy, you can rely on us to bring real-world experience and in-depth expertise with the view from your chair in mind. We partner with you to create practical solutions for today, while delivering reliable data and actionable insights that lead to strategic business decisions tomorrow. For more information, visit

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