Prescription Assistance Program

Patient Prescription Assistance Program for Hospital Pharmacies

Provide prescription drug discounts to patients who can’t afford medications

Pass savings on to patients with a customized prescription discount plan

As a 340B covered entity, you can offer discounts to disadvantaged patients who struggle to pay for expensive medications. Our 340B Architect software enables you to design a Prescription Assistance Program that transfers 340B savings directly to qualifying patients in the form of a reduced or zero-cost copay.

Our ultimate goal is to help patients obtain necessary medications. Via this program, prescription medications may be made available at no cost or at a minimal fee for individuals who do not have insurance or are underinsured.

The capabilities of our  340B Architect Software program provides the ability to streamline and enhance the process of Prescription Assistance Program application management. Our 340B Architect Software is customizable to your organization needs with features and logistics tailored for your company needs.

How Does the Prescription Assistance Program Work?

  1. You identify a patient who needs assistance and provide a discount card.
  2. The eligible patient takes the prescription to a participating pharmacy.
  3. The eligible patient pays either a reduced or no copay for the prescription.
  4. Switch data is imported into 340B Architect for qualification testing.*
  5. The 340B-qualified claim gets replenished in the system.

*Note that 340B eligibility is not guaranteed at the time of dispense by the pharmacy. The claim data is imported into 340B Architect along with all the other third-party switch claims, where it is then tested for eligibility.

Key features

Provide partial or total prescription discounts to patients eligible for assistance

Offer affordable access to a medication adherence regimen that promotes healthy outcomes

Validate 340B drug discounts transparently between covered entity and dispensing pharmacy

Offer a valuable service to disadvantaged patients who may not otherwise fill vital prescriptions

Strengthen your relationship with your patients, even after discharge from your hospital

Interact closely with our dedicated team of 340B experts to get the most out of your program

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