NDC ArchitectSM for Hospitals

NDC ArchitectSM: Medicaid & Medicare Billing Software for Hospital Pharmacies

Ease the burden of regulatory compliance.
Maximize 340B reimbursements.

Your hospital or health system is committed to helping Medicaid patients receive quality health care. If you’re a covered entity that runs a 340B drug program, you may be able to maximize program participation through Medicaid carve-in.

Many covered entities avoid carving in due to the complex administrative work associated with combining Medicaid billing with a 340B program. Complying with Medicaid and Medicare billing and reporting requirements poses a challenge for any hospital or health system. Often, you don’t have the time or resources to monitor frequently changing regulations.

Our NDC Architect claims-editing and billing software analyzes every drug dose processed through your hospital pharmacy to determine if it is 340B eligible. Then, it correctly calculates each drug charge and adds the appropriate modifiers. Our solution can help you maximize operational efficiency, improve compliance and reduce the cost of manual billing.

If you’re already a Macro Helix client, let us run a retrospective analysis for you to see if you can realize potential savings for carving in Medicaid.

Key features

Automate 340B charge management through seamless integration with 340B Architect

Track regulatory, clinical and coding requirements from federal and state providers

Create standard and user-defined reports to track and analyze Medicaid drug charges

Add a Medicare module to comply with evolving 340B Medicare reimbursement rules

Let us help you get the most out of your NDC Architect solution

Our high-touch customer relationship approach means that you get a trusted team to help you navigate today’s increasingly complex 340B environment

Our 340B experts provide ongoing education, consultation and collaboration

Our 340B program software developers add ongoing enhancements to application functionality based on customer input

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