340B ArchitectSM: 340B Program Management Software for Hospital Pharmacies

340B ArchitectSM: 340B Program Management Software for Hospital Pharmacies

Simplify 340B management. Improve patient care.

If your hospital or health system is qualified to run a 340B program, you can dispense drugs at a reduced cost to disadvantaged patients who may not be able to afford typical prescription copays. Such a program can make a tremendous difference in the lives of patients with little or no health insurance.

Using a 340B program to expand your scope of treatable patients can also benefit your covered entity, increasing reimbursements and improving overall revenue. But program participation comes with complex regulatory and audit requirements that must be managed carefully to maintain compliance.

Our 340B Architect software simplifies the complexities of managing a 340B program so you can focus on the health of your patients – and your organization. Even better, our software comes with our high-touch customer relationship approach, including complete audit preparation and support services. So, you’re not just getting the smartest solution for your covered entity, but also a trusted team to help you navigate today’s increasingly complex 340B environment.

In an ever changing environment, health systems that partner with us obtain significant advantages by ensuring their covered entity is compliant with program requirements, and well positioned to manage complex HSRA audits.

Key features

Dispense 340B drugs in your hospital and via a retail contract pharmacy with the same platform

Get 340B drug approvals quickly and accurately with automated NDC/CDM verification

Integrate with any pharmaceutical wholesaler to dispense 340B-eligible drugs

Set up perpetual inventory replenishment and split billing to optimize inventory management

Test and qualify electronic prescriptions for 340B inside and outside your facility with 340B Written Location

Create standard and user-defined reports to demonstrate the impact of your 340B program

Let us help you get the most out of your 340B Architect solution

This is an intelligent module of 340B Architect that enables health systems to optimize 340B savings by centralizing and splitting orders across purchasing accounts so that they can be shipped to a central location all while maintaining 340B compliance.

The system can test and qualify 340B eligible scripts based on the location from which it was written.

Alerts entity users of necessary actions to maintain compliance and assists with the prioritizing of day-to-day tasks.

An intelligent module of 340B Architect that assists Covered Entities with optimizing their 340B savings by identifying prescriptions that may have resulted from a referral to an outside provider.

“We had a lot of quick learning to do about 340B. Having an expert like Macro Helix that could come in and educate us and then help get our program off the ground was exceptionally helpful.”

Chris Jellison

Corporate Director of Pharmacy, Parkview Health

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