340B Validate

340B ValidateSM: Manage Your 340B Rebate Compliance, Simply and Securely.
Preserve 340B Pricing.
Protect Your Entity & Patients.

The fast-changing 340B Drug Pricing ecosystem calls for new tools to help you navigate the program easily and assist with meeting compliance needs as they arise—so your patients can continue to experience the benefits of 340B.

Introducing 340B ValidateSM, a solution that provides covered entities with a tool to help manage your 340B rebate compliance with minimal impact. 340B Validate provides manufacturers with validation of your 340B scripts that generate a rebate request—without revealing your identity or data as a covered entity.

Born out of recent changes in the industry, in which a prevalence of duplicate discounts has led several manufacturers to restrict access to 340B pricing, 340B Validate is a win-win for both covered entities and manufacturers. It provides a cooperative solution that works, which may lead to better patient outcomes while helping to reduce the chance of manufacturer audits.

Best of all, if your organization uses 340B Architect, the 340B Validate solution is already built into the software. All you need to do is opt-in to use this discreet data validation service.

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