Streamline 340B program management across your system

Managing multiple vendors, standardizing processes and maintaining compliance — these are just a few of the complexities of 340B program participation. With 340B Gateway, our sophisticated yet easy-to-use software, we are helping some of the nation’s largest retail pharmacy chains simplify and achieve the next level in pharmacy management.

Our 340B Gateway is designed to help retail pharmacies maintain consistency within their 340B networks — transforming the way they are able to provide patient care. In addition to blending seamlessly into a chain’s ordering, financial, reporting and accounting processes, 340B Gateway streamlines 340B program management and increases operational efficiency.

Here’s how 340B Gateway can help your business:

  • Enhance cash flow by paying covered entities at time of inventory receipt rather than at time of dispense
  • Avoid costly inventory swell, product returns and disruptions in your workflow
  • Maintain consistent inventory ordering, financial reporting and accounting processes across all stores
  • Improve accounting procedures with automatically created accounts payable, inventory valuations and journal entries

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