Macro Helix Announces New Release of 340B ArchitectSM

ATLANTA, December 20, 2016—Macro Helix is pleased to announce the release of 340B ArchitectSM 2016.2.0. 340B Architect software enables qualified entities to access covered outpatient pharmaceuticals at a reduced cost as part of the U.S. federal government 340B Drug Discount Program. Macro Helix designed 340B Architect to help qualified entities maximize their 340B program participation and maintain regulatory compliance.

In the new release of 340B Architect, Macro Helix made significant enhancements to the back end of the application in order to build a framework that would support a number of highly anticipated product improvements. As a result of these updates, 340B Architect offers customers additional opportunities to increase savings, drive compliance, improve user experience and provide next-level integration.

Qualified entities that use 340B Architect may now have the ability to realize increased savings on drug purchases by obtaining special contract pricing from manufacturers for certain orphan drugs. The application will also provide enhanced filtering tools to help expand the scope of compliance in order to capture more candidate prescriptions for the 340B program. In addition, customers will benefit from an improved user experience through their interaction with new or enhanced data fields, report elements and templates. Plus, 340B Architect users will gain greater efficiency as a result of a tighter integration between the application and key prescription management programs and vendors.

“We are really excited about all of the enhancements added to this new release of 340B Architect,” said Scott Kemme, Vice President/General Manager, Macro Helix. “This upgrade represents an adept combination of valuable customer feedback, insightful industry expertise and the technological resiliency necessary to keep pace with the changes happening in the 340B space.”

Macro Helix has also been working on 340B Architect enhancements to support the impending Mega Guidance changes to the 340B Drug Discount Program. Some updates have been approved and added to the application; other updates have been developed but are on hold for implementation until Mega Guidance issues a final ruling on new program requirements.

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