Help uninsured and underinsured patients get prescription discounts

Program Overview

Macro Helix Prescription Assistance Programs allow covered entities to use their 340B savings to help those patients who are most in need. Through our easy-to-use Patient Assistance Program, Macro Helix can help Covered Entities design a prescription benefit which allows for 340B savings to be passed directly to patients in the form of reduced or zero cost copays.

How Does the Program Work?

Macro Helix will work with the Covered Entity to identify the type of benefit that they would like to administer, including plan parameters like: pharmacy network, prescriber network, copay structure, drug limitations and drug formulary, and quantity/days’ supply limits. Once the Patient Assistance Program has been set up, claims can be adjudicated to Macro Helix’s unique BIN and PCN. Additionally, the adjudicated claims will be included in the daily claims file that Macro Helix receives for testing 340B eligibility.

Why Use a Prescription Assistance Program?

  • Give back to patients in need (all or part)
  • Drive medication adherence
  • Foster healthy outcomes
  • 340B transparency
  • Community service
  • Patient relationships

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